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  • 26th Jan 2021

How to Find Best Stock Footage Videos

Stock Footage Videos can be an incredible help when producing video clips and longer productions. Reputed film editors, videographers, directors, producers, cinematographer, etc. uses it, so don't think that reusing stock footage videos will make you a lazy artist. Moreover, there are highly creative ways to employ stock footage, whether it is for historical purposes, parody, homage, or to achieve a certain effect that you couldn't afford otherwise. Below there are some common-sense tips for how to find best stock footage videos for your next visual work.

Here We Go:-

Seek Out Believable Footage

First, you need to find videos that look and feel representative, so that they don't distract from the rest of your project. Stock footage videos can vary wildly, with some clips that look stilted and poorly staged, and others that would fit in an episode of Planet Earth. Always consider the subjects, costume choices, location, and broader art direction to make sure that they feel realistic to your film's visual world.

Look for Similar Quality and Resolution

Likewise, the quality of your stock footage videos should not be very different from your original clips, unless they're necessary for a specific visual effect. Before searching for stock clips, find out the resolution of your video project (i.e. 1080p). Have a conversation about this with the experts. Then, seek out the footages that match your resolution as closely as possible.

Learn the Licensing Rules

In conclusion, do your due diligence and read the fine print before using any stock footage videos. Every license agreement is different, so take time to understand your rights. It's much better to learn before committing to using the footage. Do your homework first, and save yourself from a headache later.

Above points can make your next purchase an easy one. Go through it properly and share it with your family or friends who are in need of the above information.

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